• best hotel in Dehradun

    JSR INN is a fancy vacation home, Resorts and Villas

    Hotel JSR INN is the best luxury resort in Dehradun . It has different category rooms which are a bungalow is a small house with only a ground floor. A villa is a mansion. A condo is an apartment not rented but owned. A cottage is a a quaint old house with a ground floor, and sometimes a storey above.

  • best hotel in Dehradun

    The Villa has two floors, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

    Immerse visitors in the experience with sumptuous imagery. Give them a taste of what’s in store for them when they make an appointment.

  • best hotel in Dehradun

    Show Off Your Villa in Style

    Hotelier is packed with features that enable you to quickly and easily create a modern, stylish website for your vacation villa or rental.


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best hotel in Dehradun

A duplex house is a dwelling having apartments with separate entrances for two households. A villa is a freestanding one family house. ... Common features of many bungalows include verandas and being low-rise often smaller than a villa. An apartment is a self-contained housing unit occupying only a part of a building.

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A hotel is usually smaller than a resort or a lodge. A hotel however is usually bigger than a motel. ... A lodge necessary only has to provide accommodation and maybe dining facilities (in room or restaurant). A resort generally refers to a holiday oriented service and accommodation..

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